Live Non-Destructive Testing Equipments and Structural Health Monitoring Systems (SHMS)

What is ComendLIVE ?

In Co-mender’s unique Process, non destructive testing equipment and Structural health monitoring systems (SHMS) are major services in the condition assessment, strength evaluation and  of concrete structures. The testing data is collected locally through our trained engineers and inspectors but the data is interpreted by our international experts. The real time data sharing and compatibility with our Augmented reality Software ComendAIR are very essential to achieve the required level of collaboration. ComendLive are a set of portable NDT equipments that allow the experts to review collected and cloud stored data in real time and provide their instructions for better data reliability.

When ComendLIVE is integration with ComendAIR, our system allows to record instructions and animated testing protocols up front facilitating the mission of the engineers during data collection stage.

ComendLIVE equipment:

  • GPR Live
  • Original Shmidt Hammer Live
  • Pundi Array Pro Live
  • IPile

Other NDT Equipment:

  • Profometer Corrosion
  • Structural Load Testing – STS Wifi
  • Electrical Resistivity Tomography

Monitoring Systems:

  • Fiber Optic Sensing
  • Concrete Maturity monitoring

Our Equipment features

GPR Live Features :

  •  Unparalleled penetration depth and resolution in a single GPR probe
  •  3D and AR visualization
  •  Live collaboration and easy reporting
  •  Powerful, user-friendly user interface for faster, easier concrete assessment
  •  Great handling and ergonomics in all applications
  •  Compatible with our ComendAIR technology

Pundit Array Live Features :

  •  On-site structural assessment with 2D and 3D tomography
  •  Unparalleled image clarity and measuring range
  •  Productivity and ease of use with wireless and A.I.
  •  Live collaboration and easy reporting
  •  Compatible with our ComendAIR technology

Schmidt Hammer Live Features :

  •  Comprehensive Apple iOS and Android apps for measuring, reporting and analysis
  •  Web reporting tool for instant offsite data availability and synchronizing
  •  Light and strong fiber-reinforced shell
  •  Dual displays: analog and backlit digital
  •  Live collaboration and easy reporting
  •  Compatible with our ComendAIR technology

Profometer Corrosion Set Features :

  •  Three compatible and supplementary systems
  •  High productivity with unique wheel electrodes
  •  Advanced processing and reporting tools
  •  Intuitive user friendly interface for data acquisition
  •  Flexible features enable the mapping of any irregular geometry
  •  Create custom reports with exported graphs and charts
  •  Compatible with our ComendAIR technology

STS WiFi structural load testing Features :

  •  Designed by civil engineers expressly for diagnostic testing
  •  Uses special structural health monitoring sensors
  •  Wirelessly tracks the load position and provides data accordingly
  •  Data exported easily in the software view or excel sheets
  •  Overlay finite element model and frequency response and calibrate FE accordingly 
  •  Create custom report with exported graphs and charts
  •  Compatible with our ComendAIR technology

Electrical Resistivity Tomography – ERT Features :

  •  All-in-one multinode resistivity and induce polarization sounding and profiling system
  •  Measures both resistivity and chargeability
  •  3D resistivity and IP inversion 
  •  Fullwave mode to record complete time series of measured voltages
  •  GPS input for coordinates and synchronization
  •  Compatible with our ComendAIR technology

Our Process

ComendLIVE in the process

Our Local Partners Corner

Our Local Partners share their
ComendLIVE Equipment on our platform

In this act of collaboration, Co-mender manages the whole process:

o No need to acquire all our Testing equipment

o Share your existing equipment with other local partners

o Rent other equipment through our platform

o Get the full technical support for your project.

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