Durability Analysis services

Durability Analysis services

New Construction

With years of experience, Co-mender’s Team recognized that the durability of concrete structures is related not only to design and material but also to construction issues. Upon completion of new concrete structures, the achieved construction quality always shows a high scatter and variability, and in severe environments, any weaknesses in the concrete structures will soon be revealed in the final condition of the structure whatever specifications and constituent materials have been applied. In order to better take all this variability into account and to evaluate the residual strength of the structures, a probability-based durability analysis combined with structural analysis software should be applied.

Our Process

Durability Analysis Services

Existing Structures

Co-mender experts and in collaboration with its local engineers and with the aid of its communication technology can provide its customers with full comprehensive service for better concrete quality and better construction practices in new construction sites and to evaluate remaining life and residual strength in existing structures.

See below our unique process for more controlled durability and service life of concrete structures in severe environments.

Our Process

Our involved team

Co-mender for concrete structures service life prediction

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If you detect any defect in your Existing structure or During construction