Asset Management Systems

Asset Management Systems

Asset management is the process of making decisions on structure needs and arranging for resulting actions to occur at appropriate times. These may include maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, and replacement actions. Some routine maintenance actions are regularly scheduled, while other maintenance and repair actions are identified through the Department’s. Asset Inspection and Maintenance (AIM) system. Rehabilitation and replacement strategies are typically determined through an asset assessment that involves varying levels of analysis and engineering. All asset management decisions require inventory and inspection data on the structure to identify needs and appropriate actions. We at Co-mender and through our innovative business model, provides the owner’s with the ability to manage their structures and making sure their inspection data are continuously updated without the need to hire a resident full time consulting firm.

Our solution is comprised of four modules as follows

  • Inventory Module
  • Inspection Module
  • Analysis Module
  • Repair Module

Our Process

Our involved team

Co-mender can manage your structures remotely

Contact us if you would like to have a full service agreement or you wish to learn more about how Co-mender is using its ComendAIR and ComendLIVE technologies to inspect concrete structures in real time and engage international experts in every step along the way to help you make the right maintenance and repair strategies decisions

If you detect any defect in your Existing structure or During construction