We are a Knowledge & Technology Based Company

Co-mender is a specialized engineering and construction company that uses an online platform and app solution with advanced Augmented reality technology software to link contractors , owners and engineers who have challenges in their concrete structures with its international experts and local certified engineers and contracting partners and help them with the aid of its highly knowledgeable technical team to select the best condition survey protocols and design and implement the optimum repair solutions.

Our Technologies



We rely on advanced technology to deliver engineering and construction projects.



We rely on advanced technology to deliver engineering and construction projects.



Our supply chain organization provides our customers with global procurement.

Service we offer

Concrete Technologies
Inspection and Condition Assessment
Durability Design & Analysis
Cathodic Protection
Infrastructure Asset Management
Structural Strengthening
Structural waterproofing
Concrete Repair

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Benefits you get

Effective Communication & Collaboration

Our platform provides an optimum tool to facilitate collaboration between stakeholders at different stages of the Project including Investigation, Design, Technology supply and construction

International Engineering Expertise

Our international experts are ready any time to support our local partners and customers to find the best solutions for their concrete challenges.

Full Local Inspection & Construction Capabilities

Our local certified team, including our local partner and our local engineering community are ready to support you with high standard Condition assessment and construction capabilities.

Transparent Process

How It Works?

  • Posting your project
  • Learn about our Local Partners
  • Learn about our Local Partners
  • Expert/s solve your problem
  • Learn about our Experts
  • Co-Mender Solutions
  • Learn about our Suppliers

A Unique Innovative Business Model

  • We select our local construction partner
  • We train the local team
  • We grow our local community
  • We provide advanced products, services and technologies
  • We support and supervise the construction with international expertise

Our Discovery Program
A Certified Training Program

This program is designed specifically to provide a comprehensive technical knowledge to our local partner’s engineers and the local engineering community ( Members of Co-mender’s Club ). It is composed of local training intensive sessions for a duration of one month and of continuous educational courses provided by our international and technology providers experts.
The program provides them with the needed qualifications to conduct inspections and concrete testing professionally and in accordance with the local and internationally recognized engineering standards.

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If you detect any defect in your Existing structure or During construction